Cedar Roof Maintenance

Professional cedar shake roof cleaning by Roof Cleaner

Professional cedar shake roof cleaning by Roof Cleaner

The Process of Cedar Roof Cleaning
Cedar Shake shingles make for a beautiful roof, but without a proper cleaning, even cedar shake shingles will fail long before their lifespan is used up. Grand Rapids, MI is home to many homes that have cedar shake shingles. Many of these homes in Grand Rapids have shake roofs that are 20-40 years old and have never had any cleaning done to them and now they are starting to show some wear and tear.
Although cedar is durable and requires little attention, a total lack of upkeep can seriously shorten the roofs’ life.
Proper maintenance and cleaning of a cedar roof consists of:
• Removing leaves and debris from the roof.
• Repairing damaged ridge cap and shingles.
• Soft-Washing and cleaning of the surface of the cedar shakes.


Moss covered cedar shake shingles

Moss covered cedar shake shingles

Having Roof Cleaner professionally SoftWash your cedar shake roof can help give you the full life cycle of your cedar roofing.
Although, your roof may look like it is past the point of being able to cleaned; a safe bet would be to have Roof Cleaner come out for a FREE no hassle opinion on whether it is salvageable. If the cedar shakes are not completely damaged and rotted, there is still hope for a cedar roof. Roof Cleaner will start by cleaning the cedar shake shingles then we apply a neutralizer and after the shingles have dried we can even apply an oil if needed.

When comparing the cost of a cleaning to a having a new roof installed; cleaning is very economical. The cost of cleaning a cedar roof is about 10% of cost of a total roof replacement. On average a 2500 square foot home with a cedar roof in Grand Rapids can be cleaned for about $2500 plus ridge and shakes if needed. That same size home can cost more than $25,000 to have the roof replaced. So you can see the benefits of cleaning can make a lot of sense. If you have questions on whether your roof is able to be cleaned or you just don’t like the look of greying, weathered and dirty Cedar roofing, give us a call (616-240-3465). We are experts at cedar roof cleaning in Michigan.


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