Homeowner roof cleaning FAQ’s

Black Streaks growing on a shingle roof

Black Streaks growing on a shingle roof

Question: What are those black streaks on my roof?
Answer: The black streaks are a type of algae called ‘Gloeocapsa Magma’ or simply “Black Streaks”.

Question: Will these black streaks harm my roof?
Answer: As this mold grows it feeds on the limestone filler on the outer base of the shingle causing the shingle granules to dislodge which in turn will cause the shingles to fail before they should.

Question: I have 30 year architectural shingles on my home and I have black streaks. If I do not have them cleaned how long can I expect my shingles to last?
Answer: That’s a tough question to answer due to many factors but in general a 30 year roof life can be shortened by up to 50% if not cleaned properly.

Question: I have a cedar shake roof that is covered in moss. Can I have this moss safely removed without damaging the roof?
Answer: Cedar Shake roofs can be cleaned even when there is heavy moss growth. Please do not try this yourself. These shingles become very slippery when being cleaned. Hire a roof cleaning company that has done this type of roof before.

Moss covered cedar shake shingles

Moss covered cedar shake shingles

Question: What can I expect to pay to have my roof cleaned?
Answer: While there are many factors that go into the price of cleaning a roof, a good rule of thumb is that it will cost about 10% of what a shingle replacement job would cost.

Question: Are the products used harmful to my roof or house?
Answer: The chemicals used by trained professionals can be applied to your home safely and without damage to the roof, house or surrounding vegetation. Make sure that whichever company that you use to clean your roof always has 1 person that does nothing but water the vegetation around the area being cleaned.

Question: Can I have my roof pressure washed?
Answer:While an experienced pressure washer could remove the stains on your roof, they can also cause more damage than good. The granules on the shingles will be blown off by the use of a pressure washer. A professional Roof Cleaner will only use the methods that are approved by the shingle manufactures.

Question: How long can I expect my roof to stay clean?
Answer: Most professional roof cleaners will provide you with a warranty for a couple years at a minimum. Some even offer a maintenance program that will help your shingles last for their whole stated life expectancy.


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