Ugly Shingles in Grand Rapids MI

A home with black streaks on roof

A home with black streaks on roof

We have all seen them, those black stains that seem to be on just about everyone’s roofs these days. The stains give the impression that the roof is in need of replacement or worse, that there is something wrong with the house and that is causing the stains to just keep getting bigger on the roof as time goes by.
The roof does not need to be replaced nor is there anything wrong with the house the black stains (Gloeocapsa magma) is just an algae that has happened to land on the shingles and has found the limestone filler that is used in shingle manufacturing to be of its liking so it has taken up residence and is feeding and growing. Usually it will start on the north side of the roof where it stays a little damper than the rest of the roof.
If you have a roof that is infested with these black streaks or even moss or lichen, do not fear, your roof can be cleaned safely and quickly using our 21st century soft wash techniques. You do not have to put up with the ugly shingles any longer, ROOF CLEANER can give you back a nice clean looking roof that will perform the way it is supposed to and will also help extend the life of the roof at the same time.
DO NOT use a pressure washer of any kind up on your roof to try and clean the stains off, In the hands of an untrained person a pressure washer can cause extensive damage to shingles, even with someone who has had training in the use of such a machine please do not let them clean your roof this way. There is no reason to use pressure washing or as some try to do – a surface cleaning tool up on the roof. The only accepted and safe way to do the job is to use a company that does SoftWash cleaning.
SoftWash companies regularly receive training so that they are always up to date on the latest and safest chemicals that should be used to do this type of cleaning. We undergo training to not only clean the roof, we also are trained in the correct way to care for all the plants and grass around your home of business so that there is no damage to the landscape.
ROOF CLEANER – A Clean You Can See!
Complete exterior surface cleaning.


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