Holland, MI roofing

Holland, MI roof stain removal service.

Holland MI roofing

Holland, MI roof stain removal service


Because of its proximity to Lake Michigan, this area sees humidity levels reaching 100% in the summer months and because of this, the growth of black streaks on roofs has begun to increase. Many homes that were streak free a couple years ago are now seeing their roofs infested with this disease.

Because professional roof cleaning is a new service in this area, it is not widely known by the general public or roofing contractors and therefore many homeowners are being wrongly informed by shingle installation companies that the shingles on their homes need to be replaced instead of cleaned. Professional roof cleaning can remove the roof stains using eco friendly cleaning agents and SoftWash technology, thereby making your roofing material look like new once again and could even add many more years of life to your shingles.


Roof Cleaner is Holland, Michigan’s best choice when it comes to the removal of roof stains, moss, mold, lichen and dirt buildup on the roofing material on homes and businesses in the Ottawa County area, which includes the lakeshore city of Holland, MI.



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