West Michigan Snow and Ice Removal

Michigan Snow & Ice

Old Man Winter is back with a vengeance!

If your reading this then more than likely you’ve got what most of our clients call an ice dam problem. Ice dams are formed from the loss of heat in your home. This heat melts the snow on your roof and creates ice. That ice can cause a leak or several leaks into your home, which in turn causes roof leak damage. This is a problem we have the knowledge and tools to solve. For information on what causes ice dams click here.


There are several DIY methods of ice dam removal but we don’t recommend them. People attack mounds of snow and roof ice with hammers, shovels, ice picks, homemade snow rakes, crowbars, and chainsaws! The theory is obvious. No snow or ice, no leaking water. Unfortunately, these methods threaten life, limb, and roof. Don’t get us wrong, It’s ok to remove the snow from your roof. In fact we recommend having the snow removed on a regular basis. But leave the ice removal to us. That ice is stuck to your roof like glue and the chances of safely removing it without the proper steam equipment are nearly impossible.


Thousands of roofs in Michigan have ice dam removal damage from improper methods being used. Everything from damaged shingles to holes in your roof. We have seen it all. There is little reward to the risk of damaging your roof if you’re using hack (hammer, axe, chisel, pressure washer) methods of ice dam removal. A new roof is much more expensive than hiring a professional for your steam ice dam removal service in Michigan.


chainsaw on roof

Do Not Use A Chainsaw To Remove Ice Dams


The removal of rooftop ice buildup should also be done on your commercial or retail location as well. Every year there are stories of large chunks of ice falling off a roof and injuring customers or clients. Ice buildup on a retail or commercial building can cause a lawsuit if the ice were to fall and hit someone or something. We are West Michigan’s leading ice removal company for commercial and retail properties

Michigan Ice Dam Removal

Our Grand Rapids Michigan Ice Dam Removal Company also provides services to but not limited to, Ice Dam Removal Wyoming MI, Ice Dam Removal Kentwood MI, Ice Dam Removal Lansing MI, Ice Dam Removal Detroit MI, Ice Dam Removal Walker MI, Traverse City MI Ice Dam Removal, Cadillac MI ice dam removal, Houghton Lake MI Ice Dam Removal, Big Rapids MI Ice Dam Removal, Muskegon MI, Holland MI, Dorr MI, Grand Haven MI, South Haven MI, Norton Shores MI and Kalamazoo MI ice Dam Removal.


Contact the ice dam removal experts with Ice Dams Removed in Grand Rapids Michigan.


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