Commercial Pressure Washing Services in Grand Rapids MI

Commercial Pressure Washing Services in Grand Rapids MI

Commercial pressure washing services in Grand Rapids MI 616-240-3465


The appearance of your business plays a pivotal role in its success. Storefronts that are dirty and unkempt can turn potential customers away from stepping foot in the door. You do all you can to keep the interior of your store looking its best to impress the customers once they get in the door, why not clean up the exterior and make it more inviting to new customers.

Our commercial pressure washing division has the proper training, tools and equipment to bring the luster back to any type of commercial or retail property. Our crews have been cleaning the exteriors of buildings here in the greater Grand Rapids area since 2008. We are certified in all aspects of pressure washing and soft washing and know when to use which type of cleaning system to provide the best result for our clients.

Many buildings and storefronts here in the Western Michigan area have never been cleaned and you can see the effects that the dirt, grime, mold, and mildew are having on the appearance of the buildings, making them look grungy and un-inviting. Now there is a safe and effective way to clean the exteriors of any type of building here in the greater Grand Rapids area. Our technicians are able to clean concrete buildings, stucco buildings, brick buildings, wood or vinyl-sided buildings all without damaging the surface material.

Dumpster Pad Cleaning

Another area of concern that should be addressed is the dumpster pad area of any retail or food establishment. With the amount of garbage, food, grease and other items that get put into these areas on a daily basis it is no wonder that behind those closed dumpster pads doors lies a very dirty, nasty disgusting area. All this garbage can attract unwanted visitors to your business, rats, mice and other unwanted guests may find their way to your establishment.

With our commercial cleaning equipment, we are able to clean dumpster pad areas so that they no longer are nasty, stinky places that you are afraid of your customers seeing and by keeping them clean it will help keep those unwanted guests from taking up residence near your business.

Drive-Thru Cleaning

Along with the dumpster pads, you should also look at having the drive-thru lane cleaned, with all the vehicles that visit your drive-thru you have oil, transmission fluid, gas, grease and everything that the drivers dump out their windows ending up on the concrete of your drive-thru, making it look old, dirty, grungy and very un-inviting. A good deep cleaning using the proper hot water pressure washing equipment combined with the latest in cleaning agents (eco-safe) will bring the luster back to your drive-thru.


We provide pressure washing for the following:

. Commercial Properties                    . Retail Stores

. Apartment Complexes                    . Shopping Centers

. Industrial Parks                               . Construction Companies

. Hotels/Motels                                   . Office Parks

. Strip Malls                                        . Malls

. Parking Garages                               . Ball Parks

. Restaurants                                      . Hospital/Medical Buildings


We are able to provide commercial/retail exterior window cleaning for buildings up to 5 stories tall without having to use ladders or hanging from ropes off the roof, this is safer for our workers and even better for your business.




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