Red Cedar, Cedar Shake Roof Cleaning

Is it time to have your red cedar, cedar shake roof cleaned? If your roof has not been cleaned in more than 10 years it is more than likely time for a roof cleaning. While cedar shake roofs can last 50 – 60 years they need to have the proper maintenance in order to achieve their full potential.

Without proper cleaning, a cedar shake roof here in Michigan can start showing signs of infestation in just a couple of years. Moss, lichens, and algae are all things that will diminish the life expectancy of a red cedar or cedar shake roof. Luckily there are ways to combat the infestations that infect cedar shake roofs without causing damage to the roofing material itself.

Northern Michigan cedar roof repair

Our method of roof cleaning is referred to as soft washing, what this means is that we do not use a pressure washer to blast the infestations of the cedar shake, instead we apply a proprietary cleaning agent to the cedar shake and allow that to kill all infestations then we follow that up with a low pressure rinse that helps remove the dead material from the roof and also helps bring back the honey color to the cedar shake.

Northern Michigan cedar roof repair-cleaning

Now that spring is here it is a great time to schedule a consultation to have your cedar shake roof looked at to see if is a good candidate for a professional roof cleaning. We will come take a look at it to make sure it can be cleaned and not so far gone that it needs to be replaced. Even though you may have some heavy moss growth, the cedar shake itself may still be solid enough that a cleaning is all you need.

We provide red cedar, cedar shake roof cleaning to all of Michigan and even into Indiana and Ohio. Call or email soon to get on the schedule as we only clean 30 – 40 cedar shake roofs a year and the schedule fills up fast.

We are the only certified cedar shake roof cleaning company that serves Michigan. We have taken the time to get properly trained on the correct methods of cleaning red cedar, cedar shake roofs.

Michigan cedar shake roofing experts

Michigan’s only certified cedar shake roof cleaner

We can be reached at 616-240-3465 or fill out the contact form here


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