Grand Rapids Fleet Washing

Keeping your commercial fleet clean is more important than you may realize. Road dirt and grime quickly build up on your trucks and trailers resulting in more than just cosmetic issues. Here are a few reasons to have your company trucks cleaned by West Michigan’s leading fleet washing company.

Grand Rapids MI Fleet Cleaning

Grand Rapids Mobile Truck Was

  1. Our fleet washing can help improve the safety on the road. Clean trucks are more visible to other drivers on the road. Clean trucks draw less un-needed attention from DOT officers and law enforcement officers.
  1. Keep your image up. Having clean trucks traveling the roads of West Michigan tell your potential customers/clients that you care enough about the company to keep the trucks clean.
  2. Maintenance costs are lower. A clean truck is easier for mechanics to work on, they take less time to do a repair job if they do not need to get rid of grease, dirt and grime build up before they get started working on the truck.
  3. Employee Pride. Clean company vehicles install a pride into the employees that have to drive the company trucks everyday, and if they take pride in the truck they will treat it better, which will save you even more money.


One call to Fleet Cleaner at 616-240-3465 is all it takes to get started with a fleet cleaning program that will have your company trucks looking better than they ever have.


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