Mobile Truck Wash

Mobile Truck Wash


Mobile Truck Wash – Your fleet is a rolling billboard! Fleet Cleaner’s eco-friendly fleet and truck washing services will help provide a favorable impression while traveling across the roads here in Western Michigan.

Why Keep Your Trucks Clean:

. Company Image

. Value – Maintains the value of the truck

. Lower Maintenance Costs – Clean trucks are easier to work on

. Safety – Trucks are easier to see

. Morale – Drivers like clean trucks


With the New Year there come new resolutions, for fleet managers it’s about improving the bottom line, keeping drivers and better service. By starting the New Year with Fleet Cleaner as your fleet washing professional you are on the right track. Our fleet washing service can help keep drivers – drivers don’t like being seen in trucks that are never clean. By having your trucks cleaned by Fleet Cleaner they will be easier for the mechanics to work on, thereby lowering the maintenance costs, and with your trucks looking so good when they go down the road will send the right message to everyone that’s seeing your rolling billboards.


What are the advantages to using our services for your fleet washing needs:

  1. Reliability: Our fleet cleaning crews respond in a timely manner year round, no matter the weather
  2. Quality: The entire crew at Fleet Cleaner have been trained on the proper methods used in the cleaning of company vehicles, and the fact that we use the industry leading fleet washing system will have your trucks looking their best
  3. Cost Effective: With the shortage of workers in our area you do not have the man power needed to maintain a clean fleet. Let your workers do what they know – drive – let us do what we know – clean


Our fleet cleaning services are not just for the company that has hundreds of semis on the road, we also provide mobile wash service for companies that have construction equipment, delivery vans, light-duty work trucks, and even fleets of cars. We are trained in the proper way to clean all types of equipment.

Keeping your company vehicles looking great is our job, and we take great pride in the  job. Give us a call @616-240-3465 for a FREE wash on one of your trucks and you will see just how clean your vehicles can look.



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