Grand Rapids Roof Snow and Ice Dam Removal

Grand Rapids Roof Snow and Ice Dam Removal

Ice dam removal by Roof Cleaner of Grand Rapids

What Is an Ice Dam?

Ice dams may form when water from melting snow freezes into ice at the edge of your roofline,  the ice that develops may grow large enough to prevent water from melting snow to properly drain off the roof. When the water is unable to drain from the roof, it may then back up underneath roof shingles and make its way into your home.

Do You Have an Ice Dam?

Most ice dams develop on the edge of your roof, but they may also form in other locations, depending on the slope, orientation and style of your roof. Be sure to monitor the weather and your roof for signs of ice dam formations.

  • Check for water stains or moisturein your attic or along the ceiling of exterior walls of your house. Water stains or moisture may be an indication that an ice dam has formed and water has penetrated the roof membrane.

How to Remove an Ice Dam

Removing an ice dam from your roof immediately after spotting the signs can be critical to helping prevent damage to your home. One way to remove an ice dam yourself is to melt it using calcium chloride ice melt.


The first step would be to remove 3 – 4 feet of snow from the edge of the roof using a roof rake, these can be purchased at any hardware or home improvement store.

After you have cleared the snow you then add the calcium chloride to the roof which can also be bought at your local hardware store.

Be careful when on a ladder as the steps can become ice covered in a very short time.

Be sure to cover or protect any plants or shrubbery that is near the downspouts or drip lines as the ice that melts will have calcium chloride in it that can damage plants.


If you do not want to tackle this job as a DIY then there are companies in the area that specialize in the removal of snow and ice from roofs, things to ask before hiring just anyone to tackle this job

  1. Are you insured and can you supply a copy
  2. What is your method for ice dam removal
  3. Do you charge by the hour or the job
  4. What is the hourly rate


If the company wants to use any of these items for the removal of an ice dam on your roof – FIND A DIFFERENT COMPANY

  1. Hammer & Chisel
  2. Ax
  3. Pressure Washer

The only safe way to remove ice buildup on a roof that will not cause damage to the roofing material is by using a steam machine that is made for this type of work. A steam machine wand will look like a pressure washer wand with one big difference, a steam machine wand has no trigger, and if the company is using a wand with a trigger they are using a hot water pressure washer and this can and will damage your roof.


The way we at Roof Cleaner remove ice buildup is by the use of commercial grade steam machines, these machines heat the water up to 320 degrees which then produces steam and that is what is used to quickly and effectively melt the ice from the roof top. Without causing damage that all of the above mentioned tools will do to your shingles.




We provide ice dam removal for residential, commercial, industrial and public buildings in the Grand Rapids MI area and have been providing this ice dam removal since 2009


We serve of all of Kent, Ottawa, Montcalm, Muskegon, Oceana, Kalamazoo, Allegan counties.

Give us a call at 616-240-3465

24 emergency service is available


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