Grand Rapids Ice Dam Removal

Ice Dam Removal using Steam

Michigan ice dam removal

We use steam to safely remove ice dams from residential and commercial properties in the Grand Rapids and surrounding areas. The use of any other technique for the removal of ice dams from roofs is questionable at best and could end up costing you the homeowner, even more money in the long run as the shingles on the roof are cold and brittle at this time of year and can easily be damaged.

Many companies in the area make use of high-temperature pressure washers as the means of removing ice dams instead of the safer steam machines that we here at Roof Cleaner use. The use of a pressure washer to remove ice dams can cause granule loss from the shingles, torn shingles not to mention the extremely large amount of water that will be flooding the area due to the pressure washer, this could cause ice build up on sidewalks and driveways.

If your home experiences ice dam build up this winter, remember that the pros at Roof Cleaner have the proper tools and techniques to remove ice dams.



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