Grand Rapids Mi Bioclean Fleet Washing

Grand Rapids Mi is where you will find one of the newest Bioclean authorized fleet washing companies.

What is Bioclean fleet washing –

Bioclean is more than just a soap used in the cleaning of fleets of all sizes for business of all types that like to keep their company vehicles looking the best they can. It’s is a family of professional fleet washing companies across the country  that take great pride in the work they do. We are the behind the scene people that make those semis and other trucks shine as they go down the highways and byways of this country of ours.  The bioclean system cleans like no other system on the market and in my opinion, leaves company vehicles looking better than they ever have.


As with all new cleaning systems we bring to the Grand Rapids area, we make sure that we receive the proper training before ever starting to offer the service to our clients. We made sure to get hands on training from some of the top truck washing companies in the country. Now we are ready to provide your company with a cleaning that you did not think was possible.

Here at Roof Cleaner we are excited to bring this truck washing system to the Grand Rapids and Western Michigan area. While there are other mobile fleet washing companies in the area, there are none that can offer this level of clean. We are the only Bioclean company that is authorized in Western Michigan.

You know about our outstanding roof and house washing, now find out about our mobile truck washing.


Call 616-240-3465 for a FREE demonstration and see the difference the Bioclean system can make in your company image.

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