Cement Rust Stains

Cement Rust Stains

I have been noticing more and more rust stains on driveways and sidewalks in the Grand Rapids Mi area as of late. Many of the stains are from lawn fertilizer that has been spread on the lawn and when you get close the cement some of the fertilizer gets dropped on the cement, if this fertilizer is not blown or brushed off the cement it will cause a rust spot to appear.

Rust stains on cement

I have seen lawn care companies, that should know better, leave a tremendous amount of fertilizer on the sidewalks and driveways of homes in the Grand Rapids MI area. Once the fertilizer has had time to breakdown on the cement it leaves behind a spot of rust that not only makes the cement look bad, it is almost impossible to get clean. Unless you know the correct way to remove the rust stains that is.

Here at Roof Cleaner we have been removing these types of rust stains from driveways for the last 6 years in the West Michigan area. This type of work is very time consuming as it is a 6 step process to get the stains to disappear from the cement.

It starts with the cleaning of the driveway and sidewalk with professional grade pressure washers along with the correct style surface cleaner. Unless the cement is cleaned the correct way, you will not be able to remove the rust stains. After the cement is cleaned is when we start the rust removal process, this involves using the proper chemicals to do the job.

Cement cleaning 616-240-3465

I have seen many homeowners and even lawncare companies put muriatic acid on the stains to try and get them out of the cement, not only will this not work, it damages the concrete in the process, along with killing the grass along the edge of the cement. Using a harmful acid can not only cause damage to your property it can also cause great harm to the person using it if the proper personal protection equipment is not used.

Here at Roof Cleaner we use a product called F9 Barc for the removal of all types of rust stains. This product, when used as directed will remove rust stains caused by fertilizer, battery acid, hard water, metal scrapes(snowplow blades running against the cement) and many other types. Not only do we use this product we are certified in the use, what that means for you the homeowner is that you are getting a company that has been trained in the proper techinques on how to clean each and every type of rust stain.

If your cement has rust stains and you would like to have them gone, give us a call at 616-240-3465 for a FREE consultation.

Check out our website for more information on our services – Roof Cleaner



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