Pressure Washing in Holland MI

Holland MI is a dutch community that is located along the shores of Lake Michigan, this town is home to the worlds famous Tulip Time Parade. People come from all over the world to visit the the area and take in the beauty of millions of tulips that line the streets of Holland MI.

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Another reason that the City of Holland MI is such a nice looking place is because of the pressure washing services that we offer. Our pressure washing crews do a great job of cleaning not only commercial and retail locations in the Holland Mi area but we also provide house washing and roof cleaning services to the residents of Holland MI.

Our commercial and retail pressure washing helps to keep the sidewalks and entry ways around the business districts of Holland free of dirt, grime and even gum. We also keep the areas that the public rarely notice, dumpster pads, clean and grime free. By doing our job and keeping these areas clean we help keep things from getting smelly and nasty looking. and also it helps to keep rodents away as well.

Our residential pressure washing in Holland MI is more of a soft wash than a power wash. No longer is the use of high pressure needed to effectively clean the siding on a home. Our eco-friendly cleaning methods not only bring the luster back to your home, it helps keep the siding cleaner longer than mere pressure washing ever could.

House cleaning service providing non pressure washing of siding.

Grand Rapids, MI pressure washing by Roof Cleaner 616-240-3465

Our certified roof cleaning not only kills all infestations that are growing on your roof, moss, lichen and algae. It also keeps these things from coming back for a few years.  Those black streaks that you see on roofs all over the Holland MI area are an algae that is feeding on the shingles of your roof. Many people do not realize it but the roofs are now a portion of the home that require maintenance in order to achieve the full lifespan of the roofing material.

Roof stain removal Ada, MI

Ugly shingles

Roof cleaning service Ada, MI

When it comes time to have exterior surface cleaning done in Holland MI the only number you need to call is 616-240-3465. We have the training, knowledge and proper equipment to do the job right the first time.

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