Grand Rapids Graduation Party Pressure Washing

Grand Rapids Graduation Party Pressure Washing

The 2016 graduation season is fast approaching and if things go the same as last year, there will be hundreds if not thousands of homeowners looking to get the exterior of the house washed before the big party. Unfortunately, many people will not be able to get this service scheduled before they need to have it done because of waiting until the last minute to call a pressure washing company here in the Grand Rapids MI area.

Roof Cleaner provides pressure washing for a picture perfect graduation party

Graduation 2016

The time is now to call and schedule that power washing of your home, here at Roof Cleaner we are a premier pressure washing company that has been providing a safe way to get the exterior of your home cleaned, not only safer than just pressure washing, but we also provide a deeper longer lasting clean.

How do we do this?

Our process is called Soft Washing; we apply a cleaning agent to the exterior of the home with low pressure pumps, between 60 – 80 psi. A pressure washer will blast away at the house with anywhere from 2500 – 4000 psi (enough to gouge cement) which will only take the top level of the mold, moss, dirt and grime off the siding, does nothing to keep the growth from returning, in fact just pressure washing the siding will allow the infestation to come back faster and thicker. Our cleaning agents not only clean the siding but also kill the roots of the mold and moss that is present of the house.

After the application of the cleaning agents, we follow up with a low pressure, high gallon per minute rinse. This process will have the exterior of your home looking it’s best for the upcoming graduation party. We also offer exterior window cleaning using pure water and water fed poles that will have your windows sparkling clean.

Don’t forget about the deck or patio that everyone will be gathering around, we have the knowledge and tools to clean these as well. We even partner with a top deck staining company that can have your deck looking better than it ever has.

Make sure to call Roof Cleaner at 616-240-3465 as early as possible to make sure your home gets on our schedule. Time slots fill up fast with requests for graduation party cleaning in the Grand Rapids area. We also provide pressure washing and roof cleaning services to Holland, Grand Haven, Muskegon, Kalamazoo, Lansing and all of Western Michigan.


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