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The above pictured lichen is called Cladonia Cristatella (cluh-DOHN-ee-uh cris-ta-TELL-uh) but is better known as British Soldier Lichen. It grows on cedar shake shingles here in Michigan and is the hardest of all infestations to remove from the cedar shake as its roots will grow deep into the cedar shake material.

While our patented cedar shake roof cleaning system will kill and remove most of the infestations growing on the cedar shake this type of growth, while dead when we finish the cleaning could take a few months or more to completely fall off the roof. This is because of the deep root system this lichen has. Seeing as we do not use high pressure to blast away at the cedar shakes on your roof, which can cause more harm than good, we have elected to remove as much as we can with our low pressure cleaning and then let rain fall remove the rest of the lichen in a gentle way.

Michigan cedar shake roofing experts

Michigan’s only certified cedar shake roof cleaner

We are the only Certified Cedar Shake roof cleaning company serving the Western Michigan area. Our cedar roof cleaning system has cleaned cedar shake roofs all across the country and even in Canada.  Your cedar roof is a thing of beauty that needs to be maintained, make sure you are using the company that has the proper training, knowledge and technique to safely clean your cedar shake roof.

Roof Cleaner has been fortunate to clean cedar shake roofs all across Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois and we would love to discuss with you the options for the cleaning of your cedar shake roof material.

Now is the time to call and speak with our cedar roof specialist about the cleaning of your cedar shakes, our spring time schedule is filling up fast and this just happens to be the best time for the removal off the infestations that are plaguing your roof.

Call or text 616.240.3465


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