Lake Front Living

Lake Front Living

Pressure Washing lake front homes

Along the shoreline of Lake Michigan, from South Haven north to Petoskey MI there are hundreds if not thousands of summer homes and cottages that are owned by out of state families. These homes are typically shuttered for the winter and then opened up again usually sometime in May for the homeowners to enjoy the wonderful Michigan summer.

Here at Roof Cleaner we have been providing spring cleaning for a few of these types of properties and have decided to increase this portion of our business. We will now be offering this spring cleaning for many more cottage owners who would like to come and enjoy their summer get away without the worry of cleaning the exterior every spring.

Cleaning the exterior surfaces is the last thing you want to do when you get to your lake front living escape as there are a small number of summer weekends here in Michigan where you and your family get to enjoy all that summer has to offer. Now thanks to Roof Cleaner you can have your cottage looking great and be ready for entertaining friends for the summer months.

Our Lake Front Living spring cleaning will include the washing of the siding using our patented soft wash technology,  along with the washing of all decks, patios, driveways, outdoor furniture and even the exterior of the windows, and if needed the roof can be cleaned as well. We are able to clean those dirty, moldy and slippery steps that lead from the cottage all the way down to the lake, not only making them look good again but making you and your family safer as you take the steps up and down on a daily basis.

We are now booking this service that will begin in mid April in the southern portion of Michigan and work our way to the Northern areas. Call or email us soon to get your lake front home on the schedule for the spring cleaning, you will be amazed at how clean we get the exterior surfaces of your lake front home.

We have been providing pressure washing along with soft washing since 2009 in the West Michigan area, we have the proper training in the correct way to clean every type of exterior surface – from the roof to the front curb. We carry the proper insurance for this type of work, this is for the protection of you the homeowner.

Call now to schedule this spring cleaning service. 616.240.3465 or email

Our lake front living cleaning service is offered in the following areas:

St. Joesph, South Haven, Saugatuck, Holland, Grand Haven, Muskegon, Whitehall, Silver Lake, Pentwater, Ludington, Manistee, Arcadia, Frankfort, Glen Arbor, Leeland, Traverse City, Elk Rapids, Torch Lake, Charlevoix and Petoskey.



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