Hudsonville MI Ice Dam Removal

Hudsonville MI Ice Dam Removal

Now that winter has finally taken hold of us here in the Hudsonville area, it is a good time to refresh your memory about the dangers of ice dams on the roof of your home or business.

Ice dams happen when the snow that is accumulating on the roof melts and the water runs towards the edge of the roof where it freezes, this happens over and over until before you know it there is a very large ice dam built up on the roof. As the snow melts and hits this large dam, the water can eventually find its way under the shingles and into the attic of your home, it will then find its way onto the ceilings or into the wall boards, then you will notice water spots, or if the water intrusion is real bad the ceiling could collapse.

Ice dam removal by Roof Cleaner of Grand Rapids

By the time you notice the water on the walls or ceiling the damage is already done, you more than likely will have a mold issue that will have to be dealt with behind the drywall along with replacing the damaged drywall. All this can be avoided by making sure that you have the right amount of insulation and air flow in the attic of your home or business. If you find that your home has an ice dam there are ways to rid the roof of the ice. You can spread some roof top ice melt on the ice dam, which works fine if you are not experiencing any water intrusion.

If you have water making its way into the interior of the home or business, then you want to have the ice dam removed as soon as possible. Ice dam removal is not a DIY job, there are many dangers involved in this type of work. Walking on a snow and ice covered roof is something that should be left to a professional roof cleaning company (make sure they have the proper insurance) you should never try to remove the ice dam by hammering away at it with either a hammer or worse yet an axe, these items will damage your roofing material and you will end up with having to replace shingles.

There are some companies that will tell you that they can remove the ice dam safely by carefully using hammers and axes, run from these as they are not true professionals. Also, do not let anyone use a high pressure system to blast the ice off the roof, this too will damage the shingles and cause un-needed expense down the line. The only way to safely remove ice dams that will not cause any damage to the roofing material is to use a steam machine that is made for ice dam removal. These machines use steam at very low pressure to melt the ice from the roof, not blast or hammer the ice.

Roof Cleaner of Grand Rapids provides safe ice dam removal

The cost to remove an ice dam from a Hudsonville MI roof varies because of so many variables involved, how much snow is on the roof, what pitch is the roof, where the ice dam is located ect. On average you could expect to spend at least four to five hundred for an average ice dam removal job.

Michigan ice dam removal

Here at Roof Cleaner we have been providing ice dam removal for homeowners and business owners in not only Hudsonville, but all of Western and Northern Michigan as well. If you are experiencing water damage due to an ice dam call your homeowners insurance, they may cover the cost for us to remove the ice dam. If you have noticed that there is an ice dam forming on your roof and you want to get it taken care of before it causes thousands of dollars of damage give us a call as well.


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