Fleet Washing Grand Rapids

  1. Why Hire a UAMCC Fleet Cleaner?
  2. Improve & Maintain Company image
  3. Prevent DOT Violations
  4. Improved Safety
  5. Compliance with Local Laws/Regulations
  6. Certification in Fleet Washing
  7. Insured to Protect You
  8. Cleaning the protects finish
  9. Improvements in the industry
  10. Maintenance programs
  11. Increase driver morale
  12. Longer vehicle life


Vehicles last longer:
By choosing a company that has the knowledge and training in the washing of fleets, your trucks will last longer due to the non-caustic chemicals that are used in the washing process.

Brand Awareness:

Because we excel at fleet washing, your fleet, along with your brand will look better as it rolls down the Western Michigan roads. Your trucks are the rolling billboards for your business; don’t let that billboard become something that takes away from your company.

Your Trucks Will Be Cleaner:

By outsourcing the fleet washing to a company that does it for a living, more attention to detail will be giving to your trucks than what you could expect from hourly employee’s that have other duties to perform within the business.

When you have a regular scheduled cleaning program for your fleet, the dirt, grime and salt (winter) is washed away and not given the opportunity to buildup and cause issues.

Do you have a fleet of company vehicles that need to be cleaned on a regular basis? 

We can clean any type of vehicle, including buses, delivery trucks, mail carriers and heavy equipment. There is nothing on the road that we can’t clean and maintain.

Why hire someone to clean your fleet?

Because it’s the simplest way to get the work done so you can concentrate on what you do best. Another reason is because it will actually save you money in repairs, since keeping brakes and other functional parts of a vehicle clean is a recommended part of any good preventive maintenance program.

Our staff of trained professionals can provide quick and thorough work so your vehicles or haulers stay on road instead of sitting in the parking lot. This alone makes outsourcing your commercial fleet washing needs a smart business and financial decision.

Fleet washing in Grand Rapids by Roof Cleaner, the company that knows how to clean.

Roof Cleaner, waste water approved





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