Gum Removal

Black dots (gum) on sidewalks everywhere.

What are all these black dots that adorn sidewalks and entryways to just about every type of business in Western Michigan, is this some type of art work to make the sidewalks look better? Maybe it’s just what happens to the cement when it ages.

Unfortunately none of the above is correct, it’s much worse. Those black dots that cover many of the cities sidewalks in West Michigan come from discarded chewing gum that has landed on the sidewalks of our beautiful cities. Gum that has been chewed discarded and then walked on and ground into a black circular dot on the cement.

While gum spots on cement is nothing new, there are even reports of concern about this phenomenon back in the 20’s and 30’s. It does seem to have been getting worse every year. Is this because more gum is being chewed and discarded, or is it because of a lack of sidewalk maintenance by property owners.

One worker at a downtown restaurant told us that if it were not for the regular cleaning of the sidewalk leading to the entryway, the sidewalk would be covered completely in used gum.

How do you remove these gum deposits from the sidewalks in front of your place of business, you can try the DIY method outlined here or you can call the company that has been providing cement cleaning for years in West Michigan and has the knowledge, tools and training in the proper method of gum removal.

Dan Dykstra owner of Roof Cleaner, an exterior surface cleaning company that provides soft wash roof cleaning and pressure washing to residential, commercial, industrial and governmental customers all across Western Michigan has cleaned hundreds of thousands if not millions of gum spots from the sidewalks and entryways for many business owners who like to keep their properties looking clean and inviting.

While no sidewalk is gum-free, some are certainly worse than others.

So what’s the gummiest block in your area, send pics of the worst sidewalk to and the pro’s at Roof Cleaner will clean the one that is the worst at no charge. (Restrictions apply)

gum spots


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