Restore Your Roof With a Professional Cleaning


Stains on your roof, when left untreated, lead to serious roof problems that require repair or complete replacement. Not to mention the loss of curb appeal. Harmful algae and fungus stains have no business on your roof. We get rid of them now and help prevent them from returning.

Roof cleaning Holland, MIHolland MI roof cleaning


In just a few hours, your home will look like new. Our special cleaning agents remove the dirt, algae and fungus prone to West Michigan, and a thorough rinse gives you noticeable results — clean you can see.
Deck cleaning Grand RapidsHouse & Deck Clean

We know you want your decks and fences to look nice. We also know it’s easy to let the maintenance slip. The longer you ignore it, the harder it is to restore it. Wood can begin rotting and other materials can discolor and warp. Eventually, the only solution is to completely replace your deck or fence.

Deck CleaningDeck cleaning in Grand Rapids is best left to the experts at Roof Cleaner

Unless, of course, you call Roof Cleaner. We keep your decks and fences clean, healthy and attractive using our harmless soft-wash methods, giving you as many years as possible out of these functional areas.
We are the original Certified Cedar Shake roof cleaning company in Michigan,

Michigan cedar shake roofing experts

Michigan’s only certified cedar shake roof cleaner

We are SoftWash system certified, F-9 Rust Removal Applicator Authorized, and certified by the United Mobile association of contract cleaners.

West Michigan's only SoftWash Systems certified company

West Michigan’s only SoftWash Systems certified company

Michigan's hard water stain removal company

Roof Cleaner is a professional rust removal company

Pressure washing Grand Rapids

Roof Cleaner is the only UAMCC Certified Roof Cleaning company in West Michigan

Our harmless, soft-wash cleaning methods give your exterior surfaces a thorough, deep clean that leaves your home or business in better shape than we found it. Plus, our cleaning products leave a protective residue to help prevent fungus and algae from returning.

Maintain your curb appeal. Prevent aesthetic blemishes from turning into serious problems that require huge expense. Schedule an appointment with Roof Cleaner today. 616.240.3465


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