Gutter Cleaning

Grand Rapids gutter cleaning



We are fast approaching the fall season and with that comes falling leaves that will soon fill your gutters to the point that they no longer work. Do not go into the upcoming winter without having your gutters cleaned out. Here at Roof Cleaner we provide gutter cleaning for residential and commercial properties in the West Michigan area.

When you have Roof Cleaner provide a gutter cleaning you are getting a hands on cleaning, unlike other companies that will use a leaf blower or a pressure washer to “blast” the material out of your gutter (where it ends up all over your house) we actually clean the gutters by hand and we remove all the debris from the property. We also make sure the downspouts are working properly.

If your home has clogged gutters going into the winter months you have a better chance of roof damage from ice and snow backup. We recommend that you have gutter cleaning done twice a year to make sure the gutters stay clear of debris. After the leaves have stopped falling from the trees around your house and also in the late spring after all the seedlings and other spring tree droppings have finished releasing from the trees.

For many homeowners gutter cleaning is a DIY project, but for others it is a home maintenance project that is best left to professional companies. If you are uncomfortable on ladders or walking on the roof call your Roof Cleaner office at 616-240-3465 to schedule your fall gutter cleaning.


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