Brick Cleaning

Brick patios and walkways add a certain style to any home, but they do need to be maintained. Bricks are porous and will absorb water and anything else that falls onto them if not properly protected. This brick cleaning that we preformed is a good example of how we can bring the luster back to brick.

When Roof Cleaner went to this Grand Rapids, MI. home, the brick patio was covered in dirt, grime, mold and moss. Over time whatever sealant that was on the brick had worn off and this allowed the deterioration of the brick to happen.

Brick cleaning and sealing

Roof Cleaner of Grand Rapids was able to use our SoftWash system to completely clean the brick and bring it back to its natural look. Because brick is porous we do not use a pressure washer to clean them as high pressure cleaning can cause damage to not only the brick but can also loosen whatever is used to keep the bricks in place. Pressure washing is old school technology that is done by people who have not bothered on staying up on the latest exterior cleaning techniques. Here at Roof Cleaner we are always striving to learn the best and safest ways to clean all surfaces.

After cleaning the bricks a protective layer is applied which will help the bricks maintain their beauty for quite some time.
Roof Cleaner of Grand Rapids provides brick cleaning services

While some homeowners will tackle this job themselves, for those who would rather use a professional exterior surface cleaning company, make sure you use one that stays up to date on all the technology available so that your exterior surfaces are cleaned the proper way.

Check out these Michigan cleaning companies for your cleaning needs.


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