Roof & Exterior Surface Cleaning – Roof Cleaner, all encompassing SoftWash/power washing professionals, specialize in residential house wash, roof wash, and deck wash applications.

Roof Cleaner provides house cleaning service to MichiganRoof cleaning Holland, MIGrand Rapids deck cleaning service, Roof Cleaner 616-240-3465

Roof Cleaner has served the communities of Michigan since 2009 with our state-of-art SoftWash technology. As many companies have come and gone in the Kalamazoo area, Roof Cleaner has built itself into the leader in the industry by developing long lasting relationship’s based on professionalism, customer satisfaction and fair pricing,

Over the years, Roof Cleaner has been asked about the dangers of pressure washing for residential and commercial property. “Pressure washing of roofs and siding can cause more damage than good; the use of anything over 150psi can dislodge the granules from the roofing material. High pressure on the siding can cause water to work its way up under the siding and could cause mold to grow inside the home.,” explains Dan Dykstra, founder of Roof Cleaner.

In today’s economy, home and business owners find it necessary to avoid costly repairs expenses. Safe exterior washing can extend the life of the siding, concrete driveway, porch or sidewalk and wooden areas like decking and fencing. Our SoftWash cleaning methods erase stains, that’s a given. But what’s more impressive is the fact that we are able to kill any mold, fungus or bacteria that is growing on your home’s surface, helping to prevent these problems from reappearing. Plus, the non-abrasive soft wash doesn’t harm shingles or other exterior materials, which preserves the life of these highly important parts of your home.

Roof Cleaner makes a visible difference in the never ending quest for curb appeal; nothing impacts the look and feel of your home or business more than a clean roof and exterior.  As a matter of fact, according to John Aust, founding president of the National Association of Real Estate Appraisers, “a good first appearance on a home can add as much as 5 to 10 percent to the value of the home.” To a business owner, the appearance of the storefront can influence customer impression of the business and can play a major role in the decision making process.

For a complimentary quote and visit to explain how Roof Cleaner can save owners time and money, call (616) 240-3465 or visit

Contact Info:
Name: Dan Dykstra
Phone: 616240-3465
Organization: Roof Cleaner


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