Roof cleaning service in East Grand RapidsRoof cleanig Grand Rapids, MI



With spring finally here in West Michigan, we are once again out doing our part to clean the exterior surfaces for homes and businesses. After the winter of record snowfall and record cold temps, the exterior surfaces of many homes are in need of a good spring cleaning. East Grand Rapids, MI homes are showing an increase in the amount of black streaks and lichen growth on the roofs.  While the idea of roof cleaning is still somewhat new to the West Michigan area, there are a growing number of homeowners who have heard of the service thanks to all the work Roof Cleaner has been doing to inform the public of this much needed service here in Michigan.  Insurance companies are starting to look at the condition of the roofs more and more now and if the roof is in bad shape they can cancel your coverage or even raise your rates, having Roof Cleaner provide a roof cleaning to your home is not only good for the integrity of the roofing material, it is also good for your pocketbook as well.

Roof Cleaning is performed 2 different ways. There are some companies that will use a pressure washer or a surface cleaner to clean roofing materials, or those that use the method approved by  The companies that use pressure or surface cleaners are blasting off the algae, moss and lichen(along with the granules). Michigan Safe Wash companies treat the growth on the roof like the pest that it is and they treat it much the same way a pest control company treats for insects.

If you are looking to have a roof cleaning done in East Grand Rapids by a professional company call Roof Cleaner at 616-240-3465 or email us at


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