Pressure Washing

Vinyl Siding 616-240-3465


We here at Roof Cleaner do not use pressure washers in the cleaning of the exterior of a home. Our SoftWash process is the SAFE way to clean siding on a home or building, pressure washers can cause damage to the siding, windows, doors and trim of any type of siding material. Soft wash cleaning is the new way to clean without harmful pressure.

Using a pressure washer to BLAST the dirt, grime, mold and mildew off the siding is just a very temporary fix, the mold and mildew will come back stronger and thicker in a very short time. A pressure washer just cuts the top layer off and does nothing about the root of the problem, where our SoftWash system treats these organisms as the pests they are.  We not only remove the top layer that you see, we also kill the roots so that your house stays cleaner much longer.

Make the spring of 2014 the year that your house gets a professional bath. Call Roof Cleaner at 616-240-3465 to schedule a FREE quote on this new way to clean.



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