Commercial Property Cleaning

Commercial Property Cleaning.

Roof Cleaner - commercial property exterior cleaning serviceRoof Cleaner is grand rapids pressure washing

Commercial properties in and around the West Michigan area are starting to show signs of age. From the store fronts of retail establishments, roof tops of restaurants, drive thru at banks, credit unions and restaurants the list goes on and on. In the past the way to clean these was to hire a person with a high pressure washing machine to come and blast away at the buildup of dirt and grime. While this process worked at removing the organic material it also shortened the life span of whatever was being cleaned.

Just like everything else, the cleaning process for exterior surfaces has changed and gotten better in the 21st century. Power washers are not the only way to clean, in fact more often than not, SoftWash is the way to safely clean surfaces. Our 21st century soft wash technology has been cleaning roofs and house siding for the past 20+ years and has now been found to do a better job than pressure washing on buildings of all types. Soft wash cleaning has been used to clean the exterior surfaces of restaurants, banks, office buildings, hospitals, government buildings and list goes on and on.

Roof Cleaner of Grand Rapids is the only Authorized SoftWash System Company in Western Michigan that has had the training on cleaning commercial buildings using soft wash techniques. Cement, brick, stucco, vinyl, wood, aluminum and just about any other material that is used in the construction of buildings can and should be soft washed instead of pressure washing.



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