Dumpster Pad Cleaning

Pressure washing

Dumpster pads in and around the Grand Rapids area have been neglected for years due to the fact that there was not a good way to clean and sanitize them. Now that Roof Cleaner is offering dumpster pad cleaning and sanitizing, the area restaurants, stores, hospitals and local commercial properties can once again enjoy clean and disease free dumpster pad areas.

A dumpster pad that is kept clean and free of debris will not only help to keep rodents away, it can also help keep the interior of your business cleaner as well, due to the fact that your employee’s won’t be walking thru grease, dirt, grime and other containments every time they take out some trash. A clean and sanitized dumpster pad area will also be a good reflection on your business to any customers who may happen to notice the area.

Our eco-friendly cleaning agents along with our surface cleaning technology will bring your dumpster pad back to a clean looking and a fresh smelling area. With a regular cleaning schedule, this often over looked, and quite often smelly site, will no longer be an embarrassment for your business.

Roof Cleaner is a locally owned professional exterior surface cleaning company that provides SoftWash & Pressure Wash cleaning throughout Western Michigan.



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