Roof Cleaning Using Bleach.

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One of the questions asked more than any other from a homeowner is “are you going to use bleach and won’t that harm my property” as a roof cleaning contractor I get that question on a daily basis. No sane homeowner wants something harmful done to their roofing material or the environment on purpose. This question comes because the homeowner has been led to believe that bleach is “bad” for roof cleaning.

Manufactures of the materials that make up your roof have recommendations that they put out concerning the cleaning of roof shingles. Bleach is the most recommended cleaning agent as the proper way to clean your roofs surface. Homeowners come in contact with bleach in their everyday lives in and around the home. We clean clothes with it, hospitals use it to disinfect rooms, it’s used in pools to keep the water clean as we swim and is even in the water we drink.

Is bleach an environmentally safe way to clean the roofing material of a home or business? In the control of a professionally trained roof cleaning expert, it is an environmentally safe way to clean. But in the hands of an untrained person it can and will do damage to the roof material surfaces as well as the environment. There are many roof cleaning companies around that say they are trained and certified in the use of bleach as a cleaning agent, but when asked where they received their training they will try to give a non-answer. Some have read things online, some have joined online discussions with other cleaning companies, some have gone out and started cleaning with it and are “self” trained. Very, very few companies have actually gone and received the necessary classroom and hands on training from an accredited cleaning professional.

There are do-it-yourself types and even “roof cleaning” companies that still use pressure/power washers in the cleaning of shingles. Not only is this a dangerous way to clean a roof it can cause more damage than good. A high pressure cleaning will blast the granules off the shingles and shorten the lifespan you get out of the roofing material dramatically and the use of a pressure washer on the shingles may even void any warranty that you have.  When it comes to the proper and safe way to clean a roof make sure you are using a true professional non-pressure soft wash roof cleaning company.



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