House Washing in Grand Rapids, MI 616-240-3465

House Washing in Grand Rapids, MI 616-240-3465


Vinyl Siding Cleaning Is a Very Needed Chore.
Vinyl and aluminum siding have always been described as maintenance free. Well, for the most part it is maintenance free when compared to paint or stain, but as time goes by it starts to look grungy. Dirt, mold and mildew all work to leave the siding on your home looking less than desirable.





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House Washing Services in Grand Rapids, MI

Blasting away at your siding with a pressure washer is a bad idea and scrubbing with a brush, well, that’s just too much work. What’s the answer to safely and quickly clean your siding?

Eco Friendly cleaning agents are the answer –

Our process involves the use of SoftWash System for the application of eco friendly detergents and mold inhibitors. We then provide a rinse of the house so that all the dirt, grime, mold and mildew melt right off the siding. Our final step is the application of a waxing agent that will help bring the luster back to your home.

The Results –

Curb appeal restored, better yet, unhealthy mold, mildew and grime are gone from your siding.

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Increased Value –

If you were to list your car for sale, the first thing you do is to clean it. Why not do this with your home as well. We here at Roof Cleaner are the experts in roof cleaning, house washing, deck cleaning, cement cleaning and gutter cleaning as well. First impressions are huge when trying to sell your home; if the outside is dirty you may be losing thousands of dollars on the price you could get if it was clean and fresh looking.


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