Roof Stain Removal Training.

Roof Cleaner of Grand Rapids

Roof Cleaner is heading down to the Orlando FL area for a few days of intensive classroom and hands on training involving SoftWash technology. We are always looking to improve our knowledge of the proper and safe way to clean exterior surfaces using non-pressure methods.

SoftWashapolooza is an annual SoftWash training seminar put on by SoftWash Systems, the world’s largest non-pressure washing organization. In this 3 day event we will learn about and train with the newest techniques and tools available in the SoftWash arena. We will also take classes on what is new in chemicals that are being used in the industry.

While other roof and exterior companies tell you they have experience (hands on) in the cleaning of your roof and siding, we go a lot further in that we actually take time to get hands on training from the manufactures of the equipment we use along with many hours of classroom study and testing to make sure that we are proficient in the use of all things needed to safely clean the exterior surfaces of your home or business.

Along with all the training that we receive at this seminar is the chance to network with other cleaning companies from around the world that will be there. This is when we usually pick up some great ideas on how to better market to, and serve our customers in the upcoming 2014 season.

When you are looking to have the exterior of your home or business cleaned, top to bottom, look for a company that takes the time to continuously stay on top of the best practices of the trade and not someone who just shows up with a homemade system in the back of the truck. Your home is usually the largest investment you make; don’t leave the care of the exterior in the hands of an untrained person.


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