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Roof Cleaning Services Cascade – Ada

Roof Cleaner in the Cascade – Ada Michigan area.

Grand Rapids roof cleaning servicesGrand Rapids roofing contractor

If you are a homeowner and have started to see the Ugly Shingle disease that is spreading across your town you may be wondering how to clean your roof. I will start off by saying that a power/pressure washer of any kind should never be used as a roof cleaning product. Pressure washing or power washing can and will cause damage to the granules that make up part of the shingle and could void any shingle warranty. Roof Cleaner of Grand Rapids is the area’s only SoftWash System Authorized Roof Cleaner. We use the latest in SoftWash technology. This is the same way that the Roof manufactures recommend the shingles to be cleaned.

If you would like your roof to be clean, you can try to do the job yourself as there are some products that can be bought at the big box stores that claim to clean the black streaks off the roof. It has been our observation that these over the counter products do not do as good a job as the product that Roof Cleaner of Grand Rapids uses. Along with inferior product you also may run the risk of serious injury to yourself by attempting this type of job. Roofs can become very slippery when applying a cleaning agent to the shingles. That is why most of the roof cleaning jobs done by a professional SoftWash system roof cleaning company like Roof Cleaner of Grand Rapids are done from the ground or a ladder using our state – of – art systems.
Along with removing the ugly black streaks we are able to rid roofs of moss, mildew and lichen with our Soft Wash System.
With the summer season upon us, now is the time to give the area’s only Pro-Staff roof cleaning service a call at 616-240-3465, we will come out and access the needs of your roof and provide you with a FREE quote for the cleaning of the roof.


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