National Soft Wash Alliance

National Soft Wash Alliance

National SoftWash Alliance

Roof Cleaner of Grand Rapids  recently joined the National Soft Wash Alliance as another way to further our education and align our company with like minded roof cleaning and pressure washing professionals across the country.

The National Soft Wash Alliance is a group of Professional Exterior Cleaning Companies that network together on a daily basis. We share tips, ideas, and other information in an effort to stay at the forefront in the ever changing exterior cleaning industry.

While there are many pressure washing companies out there that claim to be able to clean your home or roof properly, in actuality many are not aware of safety procedures as well as proper cleaning procedures depending on the surface that is being cleaned. The unfortunate thing is that often times the home or property owner may not be aware either. For instance, did you know that a pressure washer should NEVER be used to clean a roof?

Never use a Pressure/Power Washer to Clean a Roof

Did you also know that the only cleaning solution that should be used is a cleaning solution that consists of Bleach, Water, and a Soap that is made to be used with bleach? This is specifically mandated in an Asphalt Roofing Manufactures Association Technical Bulletin. This same bulletin also states that using any other cleaning solution, or the use of high pressure equipment could result in your warranty being voided.

It’s always a good idea to ask your roof cleaning company what type of ongoing education they receive and what type of industry groups they are aligned with. I can guarantee you that if you hear them say they are members of the National Soft Wash Alliance, you can bet they are up to date on the latest safety and cleaning practices that not only result in your home or property being cleaned properly, but safely as well.
National Soft Wash Alliance

Remember, don’t just hire a pressure washer, hire a Professional Exterior Cleaning Contractor. One that has the experience and education in cleaning different types of surfaces and stains.

Roof Cleaner is a locally owned roof and exterior cleaning company. We service Grand Rapids, MI, The West Michigan Lakeshore and the entire West MI area.

Roof Cleaner can be reached by calling or 616-240-3465


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