EFIS Siding Cleaning

Siding cleaning

EFIS siding cleaning in Grand Rapids Michigan.

Grand Rapids Pressure Washing

Roof Cleaner of Grand Rapids was finally able to clean an EFIS sided home, because there are not many homes in Western Michigan with this type of siding we do not get to clean these very often.
The homeowners are putting the house on the market soon and were worried about the “lines” that were very visible. Being an EFIS sided home they were also concerned about how the cleaning would be performed, we assured them that our SoftWash cleaning would not harm the EFIS.
After a complete house wash the homeowners said that it looked better now than it did when they bought the home 15 years ago. No more “lines” either.

There is no better way to safely and quickly clean the many different styles and kinds of siding material used on homes in Michigan than our SoftWash System. Pressure washing can cause all kinds of damage to the exterior and interior of your home if used incorrectly, window seals can be blown out, water forced up under the siding and the list goes on.
Our SoftWash is a safe and quick way to clean aluminum siding, vinyl siding, EFIS siding, cement siding, brick siding and even wood siding. When it comes to the cleaning of your home, trust the experts is exterior cleaning – Roof Cleaner of Grand Rapids. 616-240-3465


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