Shotgun Fungus.

Vinyl siding cleaning

About this time of the year we start to really notice a nasty little fungus that likes to adhere itself to the siding of homes. SHOTGUN (Artillery) FUNGUS is a fungus that lives in the rotting ground cover that is used in landscaping all around Michigan – Woodchips. As the woodchips decompose the fungus feeds on this material and when the time is right, usually in the spring or fall when it is wet and damp it will “shoot” little spores straight up and will attach itself to just about anything it lands on. I have seen these spores on siding as high as 15 feet on houses that we have cleaned stated Dan Dykstra of Roof Cleaner of Grand Rapids, a leading exterior SoftWash specialist in the Western Michigan area.
Can the spores be removed from the siding on homes?
. Once the spores have attached themselves to the siding, soffit and even gutters, it is pretty much a losing battle to try and remove them. If you were able to catch them right away then you may have better luck at removal. For the spores that have been on the house for awhile you can scrape them off but it will still leave a small brown/black spot.
How can you prevent shotgun fungus?
. Seeing as the shotgun fungus lives in the decaying ground cover, known as woodchips, the best bet is to remove all the woodchips from around the home and replace with some type of non-organic ground cover such as stone.
. Use rot resistant mulch such as redwood, cypress or cedar.
. Do not use mulch made from ground up pallets or woodchips.
. If you do have mulch in place now, make sure to stir it up a couple times a year. This will help to keep the mulch from rotting.
. Have your siding professionally cleaned by a company that applies a wax barrier to the siding after washing. The wax barrier will make removal of spores a much easier job in the future.


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