Moss Covered Roofs.

clean my roof

Lately we have been getting calls from homeowners that were informed by their insurance companies that they need to either get the shingles replaced or cleaned or risk losing their homeowners insurance.
Why would an insurance company do this, the roofs in question were covered in moss and lichen which will cause shingle failure if not taken care of. Roof replacement can run into the tens of thousands of dollars, but luckily the roofs were still in good enough condition that a cleaning of the shingles would do the trick.

When you use a SoftWash System Authorized company to provide roof cleaning you are assured that the job will be done the correct way by a true professional that has had and continues to have training on roof cleaning. There are many mom & pop shops that are claiming they know how to clean roofs, but they have not undertaken the training that SoftWash System professionals have.

A true SoftWash System professional will have had hands on training, undergone many hours of classroom training, have passed an extensive background check by Ask The Seal and will carry the highest in liability insurance along with workman’s comp insurance, all of this is for the protection of you the homeowner.

While you may be able to get your roof cleaned cheaper by another “roof cleaner” are they willing to offer a 5 year limited warranty or do they try to sell you a yearly maintenance program? Do they use a surface cleaner to clean the shingles (bad idea); are they using store bought products that require you to have 3 – 5 days of dry weather in order for it to start working? Or even worse, are they actually using a pressure washer to clean the shingles?

Protect yourself and your home only let SoftWash System Authorized companies provide exterior surface cleaning to your home.
In Michigan there are 2 SoftWash System Authorized companies that provide the best in exterior cleaning.

Roof Cleaner of Grand Rapids

Rhino SoftWash


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