Your Dirty Roof Is Costing You More Than You Thnk.

Roof cleaning Holland, MI

DID YOU KNOW….. those black streaks on your roof contain bacteria that are harmful to your roof and to your health!

The stains on the roof are caused by a bacteria called “Gloeocapsa Magma” which feeds on the limestone filler in your shingles, shortening it’s useful life. Dirty roofs contribute to higher cooling costs. A dirty roof doesn’t have the ability to reflect the UV rays of the sun. The heat is absorbed in the black streaks, leading to higher interior temperatures.
With the price of energy and shingles on the rise, you’ll definitely want to do what you can to make better use of your dollars.

. We use only a Certified, Non-Pressure SoftWash System
. NO Pressure! No Problems! Instant Results!
. West Michigan’s Only SoftWash System Certified Cleaning Company!

Call Roof Cleaner of Grand Rapids TODAY to find out how we can safely clean your roof, extending it’s life, while helping to protect you, and helping to lower your cooling costs.


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