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Vinyl siding cleaning helps to maintain the value and beauty of your home’s exterior. With the use of our non-pressure, SoftWash System cleaning , we safely and quickly remove mold, dirt, grime and mildew while performing a vinyl siding washing. Vinyl siding will become dirty like any product that is exposed to atmospheric conditions. A periodic cleaning will keep the siding clean, and help the siding look its best.
Vinyl siding has a tendency to get dirty and accumulate mildew, mold and algae in West Michigan. When the siding first starts to get dirty, looking at it from a distance, folks can’t really see the dirt or mildew on the surface. It does, however, show as being slightly dull. A closer look at the vinyl will show that there is in fact dirt on the surface. North-northwest facing areas of the home may even show signs of mildew. This is due to a lack of morning sun exposure allowing the nights dew deposit to stay wet longer. This is a good environment for the mildew to thrive. If left to continue to grow and spread, it will begin to build up to become more visible. This is at the point that most folks begin to notice that there is an issue. Although the mildew was there all along, home owners generally don’t address the problem until it has started to be an eyesore.
We have seen the mildew spread and then mold and algae start to grow. This is when you begin to see green patches of growth. For the most part, it isn’t extremely harmful but harmful nonetheless. Folks with allergies can notice a difference in symptoms when the vinyl siding on their home is covered in these molds, mildews and algae. The best way to control molds indoors is to control the mold outdoors. Eventually the growth spreads under the vinyl siding and into the structure.
Vinyl Siding Cleaning is a great way to control the growth. However, the problem can become worse if improper methods are used to clean. We strongly advise against using high pressure from a pressure washer. The high pressure can damage the vinyl. Worse, it can cause water intrusion behind the siding. This can cause more mold and rot to the structure. We use our non-pressure, SoftWash System for vinyl siding cleaning.. Our system uses about the same pressure as your garden hose to apply the cleansers, and then it is allowed to dwell on the surface to break the bond that the dirt and mildew has on the siding. After a predetermined dwell time, it is rinsed off with no more pressure than you garden hose. If mildew has been allowed to grow on the siding to the point that mold has begun to accumulate, we scrub the area to make sure all the mold is removed.
When you choose Roof Cleaner of Grand Rapids for your homes exterior cleaning needs, you can be assured you are hiring a company that cares about what they do, and enjoys making homes look their best. We are the only Authorized SoftWash System company in Western Michigan and have been helping homes look their best for years.


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