Vinyl Siding Pressure Washing

Black streaks on roof

Power washing

Roof Cleaner of Grand Rapids is West Michigan’s 1st choice when it comes to the cleaning of siding on homes and businesses in the Grand Rapids area. We use state of art SoftWash technology to safely and quickly clean vinyl siding, aluminum siding, wood siding and even brick buildings.
Our Eco-Friendly cleaning solutions achieve a 100% kill ratio on mold, mildew and fungus and also removes dirt and grime from the exterior of your home or business.
Just like you wash your auto to keep it looking its best, the same should be done for your home as well. Every couple years the exterior of your home should get a good washing. If it has been a few years since the last cleaning you may want to call in the professionals at Roof Cleaner of Grand Rapids. We know how to bring the luster back to the outside of your home.
Vinyl siding pressure washing is now a thing of the past, now it is Vinyl Siding Soft Washing, a safer and quicker way to clean.
Roof Cleaner of Grand Rapids also offers Roof Cleaning, Cement cleaning, Brick cleaning, Deck cleaning, Rust removal and Gutter cleaning in the great state of Michigan.

A person’s first impression of your home or business is what they see when they drive up. Are you making the right impression? Well we can help make sure that when your guest or potential customers drive up that they are immediately impressed. You may even get asked “Is this building new?” or “Did you repaint?”.


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