Black Streaks On Roof

Roof Cleaner is Grand Rapids premire pressure washing company.

Let’s face it…your tired of seeing them. Yes, I am talking about those ugly roof stains that are invading the roofs of homes all across West Michigan. Are the homes in your neighborhood covered with black streaks or stains? If so, then you may be surprised by what the staining you see actually is. It is a form of algae called “Gloeocapsa Magma” which feeds on crushed limestone used in common asphalt shingles. The good news is it can be removed using the right roof cleaners and technique. Many people don’t realize what causes the stains on your roof. We have heard almost everything…from residue of jet fuel to the shingles rotting from the inside out.

Contributing Factors: – Black fungus requires three things to grow: heat, moisture, and a nutrient. Nutrients can be found within the shingle themselves while other variables contribute to and hasten fungus growth. The north side of the roof is usually the first to exhibit staining because the moisture remains there longer.
Add to that, the type, grade and manufacturer of the shingle, the age of the roof, the close proximity of trees, pool, or lake, how hot and humid the weather is and if there are leaves accumulating on the roof.
What Can You Do?: – If you do nothing, your 25-year roof will most likely last less than 15 years and your homes will remain an unhealthy eyesore. Roof stains will increase energy costs, can cause health issues and its just plain UGLY. You can clean your roof yourself or hire an unqualified contractor, both are a risky proposition, or you can hire a professional like Roof Cleaner of Grand Rapids. Roof stains can be easily removed with a NO PRESSURE washing and proper safe eco-friendly chemicals. NEVER let anyone use high pressure to clean your roofs. If you have any questions about getting the roof of your home clean, just give us a call.
Roof Cleaner of Grand Rapids 616.240.3465


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