Zinc Strips On Roofs

Black streaks still grow on roofs with zinc strips. Roof Cleaner of Grand Rapids removes the black streaks from roofs in Michigan
Roof Cleaner of Grand Rapids has cleaned many roofs in the Grand Rapids area this year that have had zinc strips installed. I ask the homeowners just why they added these strips to their roofs. All were told by the companies they hired to install shingles that the zinc strips keep the black stains, moss and lichen off the roof.

If these zinc strips worked as stated then Roof Cleaner would not be on hundreds of roofs cleaning black streaks, moss and lichen from the shingles in West Michigan. It is our opinion that zinc strips may slow down the growth of the black streaks, but they will not stop them from happening.
Moss, lichen and the dreaded black streak disease on roof with zinc strips installed.

Asphalt shingles that are just a few years old are starting to show signs of the black streak disease in parts of Michigan. You will notice that the north facing roof line will be the first to show these black streaks and if left unchecked will continue to grow until the whole roof is covered in black.

Once you notice moss, lichen or black streaks on the roof you should call a professional roof cleaning company to have them taken care of. It is in the best interest of the shingles on your house to get the roof cleaned. This will help you get the full life span out of the shingles. Why buy 30 year shingles if you are not going to do the required maintenance to make sure they last 30 years.

Roof Cleaner of Grand Rapids is the only SoftWash System Authorized Company in West Michigan and as such we are best suited to clean your roof the correct way.


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