Grand Rapids Trex Deck Cleaning Expert is Roof Cleaner

Mold is a lower form of plant life that can settle and grow on any surface, including Trex® decking. Mildew is a form of mold that grows on damp surfaces.
Mold spores are similar to seeds, but cannot be seen until colonies form. Air currents, insects, animals and water transport the spores easily. Due to mold’s adaptability and large number of species, it is very hard to control and impossible to totally eliminate. Mold will not affect the structural performance of Trex decking.
In order to form visible colonies, mold needs food, moisture, and temperatures between 40 and 90° F. Trex decking is not a food source for mold, but can collect food in the form of dirt and debris such as the overflow from flowerpots and gutters. Trex decking can also supply moisture if the gaps between deck boards are too small or clogged.

All exterior building materials require cleaning. Trex is no exception. Periodic cleaning of Trex decking will remove dirt and pollen that can feed mold. If mold colonies appear, clean the deck with a commercial deck wash containing a detergent and sodium hypochlorite, commonly known as bleach. This chemical will remove the mold. In some cases it will require several treatments with the deck wash to completely remove all mold colonies. Even if the spots are no longer visible, there may still be mold spores on the surface that could re-grow, so periodic cleaning is important.

Trex deck cleaning in Michigan with Roof Cleaner

Roof Cleaner of Grand Rapids has cleaned hundreds of decks in the West Michigan area with our SoftWash technology and we use the manufactures suggested process for cleaning Trex decks. Even if it has been years since you last cleaned your Trex deck, Roof Cleaner can make it look good once again.
Once we have cleaned your Trex deck it is a good idea to have a yearly cleaning done to maintain the beauty of the deck. Roof Cleaner offers this service as well.
Roof Cleaner of Grand Rapids, your Trex Deck cleaning experts.
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