Black Streaks on Roof – What Are They?

Roof Cleaning Grand Rapids with Roof CleanerGloeocapsa Magma
Gloeocapsa Magma Brief History
Asphalt roofs across much of the much United States are being infested by a dark green algae (commonly considered black mold). The technical term for the algae is Gloeocapsa Magma.
Gloeocapsa Magma Algae is spread by wind and animals, and grows from a dot to a spot to a streak. As a Gloeocapsa Magma Algae colony grows, older algae decompose, and will hold moisture, which enables the entire colony to grow even more rapidly. Many times a homeowner will just notice a spot, and in no time, half the asphalt roof shingles are covered. Increased moisture levels lead to the growth of lichen, mold and even moss. When lichen are present a phycobiont relationship exists between the Gloeocapsa magma (provides the photosynthesis algal component) and the lichen (the fungal portion of the colony).
Luckily, the Gloeocapsa Magma Algae can be removed by thorough roof cleaning by the only SoftWash authorized roof cleaning company in West Michigan – Roof Cleaner. 616-240-3465

Cleaning Roof Shingles
What causes Black Roof Shingle Streaks?
No one enjoys the day they pull into the driveway and notice black spots or streaks forming on their asphalt roof shingles. Most homeowners assume something has failed and the shingles surface granules have fallen off; fortunately, granule loss it’s a myth common when investigating roof cleaning.
Most likely the Dark Green / Black Algae Roof Stains robbing your home of curb appeal are most pronounced on the North and East sides of your asphalt shingles. It’s not dirt, and it’s not random, your asphalt shingles are loaded with crushed limestone filler which is a nutrient source for gloeocapsa magma a hardy green blue form of roof algae that uses the nutrients in your shingles, moisture from rain and sunlight to grow and spread and that’s why your shingles turning black. The roof algae (often called roof mold) is spread by wind and animals and can’t be prevented. But luckily roof mold removal exists. You don’t need to replace your shingles if roof stains just appeared but you do need to clean the shingles.
Cold Weather and a freezing temperature won’t stop the growth of roof mold black algae streaks or roof stains.
Roof cleaning and mold removal basics
Most customers consider roof stain Removal to get rid of roof algae and its ugly black streaks for the aesthetic and cosmetic reasons, but did you know roof cleaning = energy savings by reducing heat buildup in your attic?
Ultimately, the most common reason for cleaning roof stains is to avoid hiring a roofer to replace your roof. Not only do you save thousands of dollars through roof cleaning, you also keep thousands of pounds of old shingles out of landfills. Roof Cleaning / roof washing is environmentally responsible!
Getting into the basics of how to clean a shingle roof you need to consider the roof and your own comfort and safety concerns about landscaping, using a ladder and getting access to your roof. If you are not comfortable with heights, or just don’t want to try roof cleaning as a do-it-yourself project, then you are in luck! You can hire a local roof cleaning service who have the tools, and know the procedures to remove roof stains without you leaving your armchair!
Roof Cleaner of Grand Rapids is West Michigan’s only SoftWash Authorized roof cleaning company and as such we are the experts when it copmes to the removal of the black streaks that are growing on roofs all over the greater Grand rapids area.
When you decide to get your roof cleaned – Roof Cleaner. 616-240-3465


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