Roof cleaning in Grand Rapids

Roof Cleaner gets rid of ugly shingles

Many homeowners in Hudsonville, or in the Greater Grand Rapids area are not even aware of the fact that roofs can and should be cleaned. Like any surface that is out in the elements 24 hours a day, roofs get dirty. But it is not the dirt that makes roofs look so bad and in need of a roof cleaning. There is an algae that is in the air that loves to take up residence on asphalt shingles. Gloeocapsa Magma is the name of the dark spots and streaks on a roof. While there is some debate as to if the buildup of this algae is damaging to the shingles, there is no debate as to how bad it makes a home look. I have performed roof cleaning on homes where there were just a few black streaks on the roof, to homes where you could not even tell what the original color of the shingle was. In all cases, Roof Cleaner was able to make the roofs look like new again with our SoftWash technology.

When homeowners allow the black streaks to stay on the roof, moisture will be held in these areas longer. When that happens, lichen and moss will start to show up. These invasive species will do damage to the shingles. They feed on the fillers of the shingle, and can really shorten the life of your roof.

With our SoftWash technology, roof cleaning is a safe, professional, cost effective way to extend the life of a roof.

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