Ugly shingles Grand Rapids

Black Streaks growing on a shingle roof

What are those black streaks on my roof?
Those black streaks that are growing on your roof are a form of algae called – Gloeocapsa Magma which is a green color algae. The black is the outer protective layer of the algae.
While the streaks are usually noticed on the north facing roof first, it can and will spread to the whole roof if given enough time.

Black Streaks growing on a shingle roof

Black Streaks growing on a shingle roof

Is there a reason to remove the black streaks?
The black streaks feed on the limestone fillers that shingle manufacturers have added to shingles in the last 15 or so years. The algae will continue to grow across the whole roof slowly eating away at the limestone fillers on the shingles. Once the black streaks have made a home for themselves on the shingles they invite other organisms to join them, most notably moss and lichen.

Heavy black streaks[

What happens if the black streaks are left unchecked?
When you first start to notice the black streaks is the best time to call in a professional roof cleaning company like ROOF CLEANER, if caught early the roof can be cleaned for a minimum charge and the black streaks can taken care of with very little chemical washing.
If you’re whole roof is covered with the ugly black streaks ROOF CLEANER can still remove all the streaks from your roof it will just take longer and be more costly. Also, with the algae being on the roof so long there is a very good chance that moss and/or lichen will also be in attendance on the roof. Moss can be removed fairly easily but lichen takes a bit more to get it to release its hold on the shingles and when it does it will leave a bare spot where the lichen once was.
So, once you see the start of the ugly black streaks on your roof it is best to call ROOF CLEANER right away and get it taken care of.
Don’t let it go so that it can grow, that will just cause you to spend more money in the long run.

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