Spring Cleaning in Grand Rapids

Clean SidingDirty & Moldy Siding

As the weather starts to turn towards spring here in Grand Rapids MI, more and more people are getting outdoors and sprucing up the yard after our long cold winter we had. Raking the yard, picking up the sticks that have accumulated over the winter. In a week or two it will be time to start putting down fresh mulch or maybe some new stone.
While you are out working in the yard, take a look at the siding on your house is it looking a little dirty and dull. Make this spring the time that your house gets a good SoftWash and bring back its luster. With a SoftWash by ROOF CLEANER your house will once again have a like new look to it.
Our SoftWash process not only cleans the mold, mildew and dirt from the siding our process leaves behind a polymer that will bring the shine back to your siding. We are also able to clean the roof and remove the black streaks, moss, mold and lichens that are eating away at your shingles.
Roof Cleaner is able to clean decks, patios, sidewalks, driveways and even fences with our SoftWash system. Now there is no reason to have an outdated pressure washer come in and possibly cause damage to any exterior surface, our 21st century way of cleaning will leave your home looking great without any of the damage a pressure washer causes.
Roof Cleaner is the only company in West Michigan that is SoftWash Authorized, Ask The Seal indorsed and Certified by the UAMCC. When it comes to the care of your home, make sure you demand the best, demand ROOF CLEANER.


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