The importance of cleaning Vinyl Siding (the right way) by

Just as Cameron Queen uses SoftWash for cleaning of Vinyl Siding so does Roof Cleaner.

Pressure Washing Halifax, Nova Scotia

Statistically there is a high chance that the exterior of your Nova Scotian home is clad in Vinyl Siding – whether you live in Halifax, Dartmouth or South Shore Nova Scotia. This omnipresent exterior finish is chosen for many reasons:

  • Low cost of purchase and installation
  • Durability and long-life
  • Excellent protection of your homes structure
  • Resistance to harsh weather and climate
  • Clean, modern appearance and large colour choice

Little wonder then that Vinyl Siding has become the finish of choice for homes in Halifax and Dartmouth, regardless of size. This widespread use of Vinyl Siding in Halifax is not to say that it is without drawbacks, nor is it as strong or maintenance free as some people think. Vinyl siding is subject to our harsh Maritime climate and intense environmental factors as with any other surface of your Nova Scotian home – as a result almost all homes have certain…

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