Don’t let those ugly shingles ruin the look and property values in your community.

Ugly shingles

Ugly shingles

Community, Property Managers, and Condominium Associations and Cooperatives.

Don’t let those ugly shingles ruin the look and property values in your community.

Refresh the way your entire community looks and at the same
time prevent costly, premature roof replacement.

Most quality roofs in the Grand Rapids MI area have a life cycle of 20 to 30 years or more. However, when those ugly black streaks take over a roof, often the roof does not live up to its full potential. Replacing roofs every 7 to 15 years just because they are dirty does not make good economical sense. You or the community no longer need to just grin and bear or put up with the embarrassment for years until it’s time to re-roof. This annoying and ugly problem of roof stains is easily solved with the SoftWash system that Roof Cleaner uses to clean roofs. For just a fraction of the cost of a total roof replacement, Roof Cleaner can clean those ugly roof stains and keep them from recurring for up to 5 years (5 year limited warranty) in the West Michigan area with our cleaning process. Extend the life of the shingles and improve the look of your entire community.

Whether you are a property manager or board member managing a community association, condominiums, cooperatives, homeowner association, apartments, adult community, or commercial property, Roof Cleaner is the affordable and attractive solution to getting rid of those ugly roof stains once and for all. Roof Cleaner uses eco-friendly roof cleaning systems and gentle SoftWash roof stain removal process that works WITHOUT damaging the shingles as pressure washers/surfaces cleaners do. Roof Cleaner uses a safe, highly effective, eco-friendly, gentle low pressure SoftWash and NEVER damaging high pressure.
Click HERE to contact a Roof Cleaner professional in your area for further information and pricing for your community.

Roof Cleaner uses the same SoftWash process to gently clean the siding, walkways, brickwork, fences and decks throughout your community as well.

Roof Cleaner – Clean You Can See

Roof Cleaner provides service to all of West Michigan.
Ada, Alto, Allendale, Belding, Belmont, Byron Center, Caledonia, Cascade, Cedar Springs, Clarksville, Coopersville, East Grand Rapids, Forest Hills, Grand Rapids, Grand Haven, Grandville, Greenville, Holland, Hudsonville, Ionia, Jenison, Kalamazoo, Lowell, Muskegon, Middleville, Rockford, Saranac, Sparta, Walker, Zeeland

Ugly Shingles no more

Ugly Shingles no more


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