Soft Washing for Decks


If you wouldn’t hire an attorney to fix your car or ask a fry cook to do your taxes, why would you hire anyone but a professional to work on your home and deck? People hire professionals to do what they are trained for, and at Roof Cleaner we dedicate ourselves to being the ultimate professionals at soft washing decks and patios.

Soft Washing Companies: 21st Century way to clean
Pressure washers were great in the 20th century for cleaning exterior surfaces but now that we have moved into the 21st century there is a better, safer and quicker way to clean your deck, Soft Washing is now the best choice for all exterior surface cleaning especially decks. Pressure washers are great for blasting dirt and grime off of machinery but when it comes to your deck – blasting the dirt and grime off is not the way to go.

The Soft Wash Way
We become professional by doing what we do often. Accountants account. Cooks cook. Soft Washers wash. What most customers don’t understand is, they don’t want a pressure wash–they want a safe cleaning renewal. Hosing down your kid when they get muddy is just one step to getting clean. There’s still more to do. The same goes for decks. We’ve found the best way to get decks clean is:
• using a special chemicals to lift dirt, dead wood, and other debris
• rinsing away all the undesirables with clean water
• sealing the deck with UV- and weather-resistant sealant

A Wholesome Approach
A standard power/pressure wash consists of blasting the wood so hard you blow the grey wood chunks right off it. Now you’ve got chunks missing from your deck, and it’s still no cleaner. Roof Cleaner uses a more wholesome approach, soft wash. We’re always looking for better ways of doing business. That’s why we use a soft wash approach that does what it is supposed to do: clean decks, and nothing else.

Whether your porch or deck is wood or concrete, we’ll happily take the job and bring back it back to its former glory. We do it our way because we’ve found it to be the best way to get the job done, and that’s what professionals do.


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