Pressure Washing Halifax, Nova Scotia

Soft WashingSoft Washing can be most simply defined as ‘low pressure chemical cleaning’. More specifically, Soft Washing relies on the power and effectiveness of specialized detergents (composed of a cleaning agent coupled with a surfactant) to remove organic contaminants such as grime, mildew, mould and algae. This process differs from traditional Pressure Washing where the power of the highly pressurized water was the main tool used to complete the cleaning, and the detergent was considered to be of secondary importance. In Soft Washing the cleaning process is all but completed by the detergents themselves and then all that is left to do is rinse fully and carefully with low pressure, low impact equipment and techniques to flush all grime and soap from the surface. True Soft Washing is only possible with commercial grade (high Gallon Per Minute) equipment and specialized nozzles which allow both the precise application of detergents and the…

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